Eilat has a rich history, with archaeological evidence dating as far back as the 7th millennium BCE. According to ancient Egyptian records, extensive trading and mining operations across the Red Sea have been taking place as early as 3000 BCE. Written within the texts of the Bible, specifically in the Book of Exodus and both 1st and 2nd Kings, Eilat and all that the region holds, are mentioned quite a few times as being places of significance. Arguably the most popular resort city in Israel, this bustling port is the Holy Land’s southernmost destination and is filled with attractions that will bring you back for more than one visit!

If you are a fan of relaxing by beautiful coastlines with the wind gently rushing through the air as you soak in the sun overlooking the Red Sea, then you are absolutely in the right place. Within Eilat, the region has a slew of aquatic activities for people of all ages. Located on the shores of the Red Sea, you’ll find Dolphin Reef, a special experience that provides all visitors with a unique opportunity to swim alongside some of nature’s most magnificent creatures. If swimming side by side with dolphins isn’t your cup of tea, drop by the Underwater Observatory Park to witness the beautiful coral reef, as well as the vast marine life the park offers.

Interested in exploring, but not a fan of water activities? Located less than 20 miles north of Eilat is the national park of Timna Valley. Some of the earliest mining settlements in the world, dating back to the 6th millennium BCE, can be found right here. Archaeological excavations have indicated that the copper mines were most likely part of the Kingdom of Edom, known as the biblical foes of the Israelites during King Solomon’s reign. Most notably, recent excavations have given more light to the stories of Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, and Esau. Whether you’re here to visit Solomon’s Pillars or the ancient mining settlements, indulging in this gorgeous nature reserve is a day well spent.

All the exploring you’ll discover in Eilat will leave you needing to recoup and restore your energy before the next day’s adventures. Luckily, the city has some of the best restaurants the region has to offer. The Last Refuge, set in a small marina just minutes from the Eilat-Egypt border, offers an array of fresh sea finds that will leave you wanting more. Or, take a ride over to The Giraffe Restaurant, where they take pride in their Thai/Japanese mix. No matter what your taste buds are telling you, Eilat has dozens of restaurants, so take your pick!

With other activities like parasailing, scuba diving, boat tours, and nature treks, Eilat is guaranteed to offer you an experience unlike any other. With such a wide assortment of activities and relaxation opportunities, grab your closest friends and family members, and hop on a plane immediately. You will NOT regret it!

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