If you’re an adventurer at heart, or you’re looking for something a bit off the grid in Israel, consider booking an unforgettable experience with the Bedouin experiences.

Famous for their extraordinary hospitality, the proud and dignified Bedouin come from an ancient line of settled nomadic peoples whose livelihood and culture continues to thrive in stark desert conditions, all the while adapting to the modern trappings of their surrounding environment.

Unique Bedouin experiences are available for booking online individually, or as a group. Booking sites promise guests will receive the best experience possible and will often tailor it to individual needs.

Suggested Attractions to consider:

1. Kfar HaNokdim is a unique Bedouin-inspired experience, located in the heart of the Judean desert on a breathtaking desert mountain overlook, between the ancient citadel of Masada and Arad’s southern tourist oasis. The site caters to modern tastes, with private cabins, hot showers, cold filtered drinking water, and much more.

Guests are introduced to elements of Bedouin life through educational demonstrations of hospitality, sleeping in a desert sukkah (booth) lodge, camel treks through the Kana’im Valley, desert hikes, and bonfires under the starry desert night sky. Meals are presented as feasts, served in a khan (traditional Bedouin tent). Day packages and overnight experiences are available.

The resort also features an interactive app to help guests get the most from their experience.

2. Bedouin Galilee Experience provides a rare glimpse into Bedouin life in northern Israel’s Galilee region. The experience offers sumptuous feasts, coffee service, educational workshops on Bedouin cuisine, as well as storytelling and a primer on cultural symbolism. Guests are welcome to stop by for a meal, an overnight between hiking destinations, or for a group event with loved ones.

3. Genesis Land is located in the Judean desert between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Visitors are greeted by Eliezer, Abraham’s manservant, and by a train of camels which lead you down to Abraham’s tent. There you experience Abraham’s legendary hospitality, as well as fresh pita making, workshops, and other activities.

Having a Bedouin experience will vary from region to region, but no matter where you go, it will be the cultural highlight of any trip to Israel!

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