Israel is easily one of the most beautiful regions in the world, full of rich history and a blend of cultures unlike anywhere else. No matter where, or what you choose to do in the Holy Land, your time here will be well-spent. Israel offers a multitude of activities you and your children can enjoy together.

Here is our list of family-friendly destinations to start your vacation right.

Ein Gedi National Park

Located west of the Dead Sea near Massada and the Qumran Caves, this oasis and nature reserve was listed as one of Israel’s most popular nature sites of 2016. Dating all the way back to the Book of Genesis, Ein Gedi is home to a multitude of wildlife and agriculture, some of which cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet. While known to have many points of interest, David’s Waterfall stands out as one of the more attractive places to visit in Ein Gedi. According to the Bible, David concealed himself by this very waterfall when he fled from King Saul around 1000 BCE. Having numerous places to hike and in which to keep cool, this nature reserve is a beautiful way to spend some quality outdoor time with your family.

Azrieli Observatory – Tel Aviv

Located on the 49th floor of Israel’s tallest building, the observatory boasts high powered telescopes, allowing you to view Israel for miles on end. Also offered at the observatory, is a 3D film on Tel Aviv, an audio guide describing major landmarks, art exhibitions, as well as a restaurant. It’s an experience well worth the visit!

Become An Archaeologist For A Day

Known as the Emek Tzurim Sifting Project, you and your family can take part in being archaeologists for the day! In 1996, a major building project was carried out on the Temple Mount without the required archaeological supervision. The debris, containing important materials dating back to the Second Temple period, was dumped at various locations. Now, with your help, artifacts and ancient findings are being sifted daily under the supervision of the appropriate staff (who double check your work and provide assistance as needed). If you’re up for the challenge, take part in this project and make history as a family!

Bloomfield Science Museum

Situated opposite the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Givat Ram neighborhood, the science museum was established in 1992, being named after Neri Bloomfield, the museum’s primary donor. The museum features indoor and outdoor hands-on exhibits for people of all ages, especially young children. Between the interactive exhibits and the integrated works of art, the museum acts beautifully as a bridge between technology and the public. If you have a future scientist on your hands, this is just the perfect place for you!

Achziv Beach – North Of Acre

Just north of the city of Akko lies the ancient site of Achziv, now home to an Israeli national park. Having unearthed a Canaanite city from the second millennium BCE, as well as a Phoenician town from the first millennium BCE, Achziv is a wonderful place for the whole family to enjoy and relax. The beach is home to a handful of sea creatures, turtles being the most notable. It is not uncommon to see turtles on the beach laying eggs, as well as swimming alongside you in the sea.

With the exciting promise of a family trip to Israel now looming in the forefront of your travel plans, we hope this brings helpful insight into what Israel has to offer for families of all ages and sizes.

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