Just a short distance from the southern end of Tel Aviv’s seaside promenade is the ancient port city of Jaffa. While this picturesque cliffside town may suggest quaintness, it is far from unassuming—even next to its more metropolitan neighbor. But it is the ancient port that truly makes Jaffa unique.

Often mentioned in the Bible as Joppa, the restored city of Old Jaffa is what tourists collectively seek to explore, but Jaffa Port is truly a sparkling jewel in the city’s crown. Located directly below Old Jaffa, the port has also undergone extensive restoration and is considered an historic gateway to the Holy Land, welcoming merchants, travelers, armies, and immigrants over the past 6,000 years.

Walking along the sea-wall promenade, you can imagine Jonah setting sail for Tarshish, or Peter’s view of the sea as he receives the vision of the Great Sheet on the rooftop of Simon the Tanner’s house.

Today, Jaffa Port is a haven for fishermen and sea-goers, where you can take in the kaleidoscope of colors and varieties of boats and the warm Mediterranean breezes. If you are coming from Tel Aviv, you can actually walk the promenade from Charles Clore Park to Jaffa Port. The area is quite safe and is frequented by joggers and walkers who want to enjoy the beaches and parks.

Take an evening stroll on the pier and view the red and white striped lighthouse and the bell tower of St. Peter’s Church set against the drifting clouds. Enjoy the oriental charm and the sights and sounds of the Jaffa Port Market, packed with shops, art galleries, and an assortment of restaurants that cater to every palate.

In the summer, there are plenty of waterfront activities for the family, including public outdoor events featuring live music, kid-friendly workshops, arts and crafts, and dance classes, and more.

Experience the old-world charm of Jaffa Port when you plan your next trip to Israel!
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