Experience the footsteps history preserves and walk where others before us have walked, where the Bible unfolds and grants testimony to the land where our ancestors dwelled, where faith was tested, where miracles occurred, where prophets inspired, where Abraham led, where Jesus pledged, and sense the presence of God.

Stand where biblical events took place with our ancestors and exult in the promise of their legacy.

In Israel, the Bible truly comes to life…
Once you visit Israel, your life will be eternally changed.


Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor

Located in the Lower Galilee at the eastern end of the Jezreel Valley is the stunning Mount Tabor. Just 11 miles west of the Sea of Galilee, the mount was the site of the battle between Barak and the army of Jabin during the 12th century BCE. Believed by many Christians to also be the site where the Transfiguration of Jesus occurred, Mount Tabor has much to offer those desiring to make the trek!

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